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WhatsApp Business Solutions

As a WhatsApp Business solution provider, we are committed to assist businesses in their customer communication & engagement processes at all stages of sales, marketing (with customer’s consent) & service support journeys in real time on their most preferred app at every touchpoint. Our WhatsApp Business API integration platform, enables you to manage your business leads effectively & drive conversions to generate more revenue, help desk ticketing to deliver prompt & efficient customer service support 24 x 7. It also enables you to send product demonstration videos, images, electronic tickets, verification codes, videos, audio files, QR codes, store locations, and any other kinds of documents for enriched customer interactions.

It can be used to send appointment reminders, shipping alerts, order notifications & time-sensitive notifications to retain existing customers, conduct two-way customer surveys to improve your customer relationships by getting feedback from your customers for achieving your targeted business growth. You can reach a broader audience; drive customer engagement & gain an advantage over your competitors.

whatsapp business solutions

Value of WhatsApp Business API Solutions

Today, WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging service used by billions of people. According to research figures India is currently WhatsApp’s biggest market, with nearly 500 million users alone, exchanging over 100 billion messages every day. Connecting with customers via WhatsApp has become increasingly popular among businesses. Approximately more than 15 million people in India use the WhatsApp Business App every month. More & more businesses are adopting this channel of communication for their enquiries & support management.

Key Features of WhatsApp Business

Verified business profile with company logo, business description, hours of operation & website

Label contacts & categorize them for easy access

Create a custom welcome message for new customers

Automatically & quickly respond to FAQ’s

Automatically respond to messages received outside business hours

Message templates for varied business requirements

Customers can easily reach you with web or app widgets, QR codes, ads with click to WhatsApp, wa.me links.

Easily send & receive documents, images, videos or other files.

Interactive two-way customer communication

End-to-end encryption

Real-time analytics & reports.

Multi-Platform Support viz: iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac

Key Benefits of WhatsApp Business

An intuitive & user-friendly, easy-to-use platform

Enables you to keep all your chats in one place

Effective two-way communication without any hindrances

Green tick badge gives your business credibility and proof to customers that the message received is from a verified account

Build trust with your customers and enhance your brand reputation

Enhance your customer experience by integrating WhatsApp with other channels

Broadcast bulk messages, send personalized notifications, updates, and reminders to your customers automatically

Resolve queries faster by auto-suggesting solutions & deliver enhanced customer service

Answer customer’s queries with WhatsApp live chat and FAQ’s with bots

Set up WhatsApp bots to be available 24/7 – businesses remain accessible anytime and anywhere

Moderate the number of customer care agents & reduce operational costs

Safe & secure for customer communications & data

Industry Wise Use Cases of WhatsApp Business

Deliver real-time account balance information, transaction alerts, payment transfers information, customer support, verify documents, automate answers to FAQ’s, and more

Send automated responses to offer tailored solutions & help customers select the perfect policy, send policy renewal reminders, policy status details, deliver customer support in the event of a claim, send notifications on office openings and working hours, updates on status of a complaint, change of policy holder, change of payment methods and change of the insured’s address, automate responses to common queries and more.

Can use it for activating users, setting up drip campaigns, sending offers & promotional messages, and updating users on transactions.

Enable customers to trade in equity in the live market via WhatsApp chat, manage customer service requests, reports, queries, complaints 24 X 7, automate document collection, send SIP reminders, account balance updates, and more.

Answer patient’s medical queries and FAQs, set & confirm patient appointments, send appointment reminders, lab test reports, prescriptions, follow-up reminders, collect patient’s medical history for better diagnosis, conduct medical counselling sessions via WhatsApp chat, deliver crucial medical information with opt-ins, offer customer service & conduct feedback surveys.

Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp Business is a tool for businesses that makes interacting with customers easy by providing tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages. It is also intended to feel and work just like WhatsApp Messenger. You can use it to do everything that you’re used to doing, from messaging to sending photos. Some of the features the application includes:

  • Business profile to list important information, such as a company’s address, email and website.
  • Labels to organize and easily find your chats and messages.
  • Messaging tools to quickly respond to customers.

WhatsApp Business API is an application program interface that businesses use to integrate WhatsApp with their existing CRM applications, 3rd party applications or database. It allows businesses to send, receive & answer unlimited WhatsApp messages.

The key difference between WhatsApp Business & WhatsApp is that the latter is strictly for personal communication while the former gives you a few marketing tools. Business users can use WhatsApp Business for free to answer questions and take orders via chat. WhatsApp Business API does not have its own front-end interface; it uses the front-end of the platform with which it is integrated. This may be the CRM platform or e-mail marketing platform that you are using.

All messages sent using WhatsApp Business or the API are end-to-end encrypted and secure.