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In order to optimize their customer service, organizations need to adopt digital transformation & arm their helpdesk system with multi-channel communication tools viz: omni channel helpdesk software, (AI) artificial intelligence, bot’s etc. to deliver swift & resolute service on each customer interaction. Businesses that deliver first-rate, consistent & sustained service support are known to do repeat business with their existing customers.

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Helpdesk Solutions

The three most critical facets of service delivery are a prompt response, well-informed service desk representatives, and a speedy resolution to the issue reported. The ever-increasing customer expectations call for fast response & exceptional quality of service.

Helpdesk ticketing system offered by us assists customers to make their service delivery processes more effective & enhance customer satisfaction levels. Our ticketing software solution has been successfully implemented across industry verticals for diverse service delivery requirements like Order Booking & Home Delivery, Banking, Telemarketing & Sales, Car Rentals, Collections, Patient Care & Pathology Services, etc.

Key Features of Cloud Helpdesk Software

True omni-channel solution provides seamless integration with Telephony, IVR, AOD, SMS, Email, Chat & Social Media

Multi Deployment options viz: on Public / Private Cloud; Hybrid Cloud & on Premise

Option for Online & Offline ticket registration

A single UI to connect / manage tickets

Unified Agent view of all previous interactions for consistent customer service & 360º view of ticket life cycle

Automatic ticket assignment

Intelligent routing of tickets based on filters like accounts, keyword, email subjects etc.

Google NLP enabled VoiceBot, sentiment analysis powered Web Chat / WhatsApp & Chat Bot

Option to easily transfer a Chat / Bot conversation to a live available helpdesk representative

Supervisors / Admin can balance the load, route tickets to the best available agents for quick resolution

SLA Management – define response & resolution time

Escalation Management – auto / manual escalation option moves tickets to the next level

End-to-end management of incidents

Real-time monitoring helps meet defined service levels

Rules customization for Email and SMS alerts in case of any outages and for unresolved / resolved tickets

Predefined templates for quick replies

Option to automate follow ups & send notifications for critical support issues

Comprehensive Reports

Key Benefits of Helpdesk Ticketing System

Easy to install and ready to run

Customer can communicate via their preferred channel viz: phone, email, social media, chat etc.

Option to host over public / private cloud gives flexibility & convenience to the user

Anywhere, anytime access – use it from anywhere

Deliver precise information swiftly for resolute service on each customer interaction

Helps increase organizational / employee efficiency & reduce infrastructure & deployment costs

AI-propelled engagement tools help deliver customer service 24 x 7

Consistent customer experience across multiple channels

Helps identify problem areas, find solutions & streamline processes spurring Business Growth

Suitable for all verticals & industries

Can be easily tailored to the meet the needs of a small, medium or a large company

Boosts organizations / employee efficiency

Improved Service Productivity

No investment on in premise IT infrastructure setup & maintenance

Low Total Cost of Ownership with quick Return on Investment

Frequently Asked Questions

A Helpdesk solution is a ticketing software system that enables an organization to automate their service desk to receive, login, register, categorize, respond, manage, analyze and report on user queries or complaints.

It helps to resolve customer queries efficiently, a ticket is created for each interaction with each customer, and the helpdesk software lets you track the entire interaction history and context of the conversation. It also automates repetitive tasks, thus saving your customer care agents time.

Yes, it can be integrated with our IVR system. Customers can be routed to the appropriate agent or department to perform basic service actions like: log tickets, update the customer on the status of tickets and more.

Yes, it can be integrated with our SMS Service to send new Ticket No. created, update ticket status, send warranty & AMC details, advertise your new customer service channels & more.

Yes, it can be integrated with social media channels & all customer interactions can be automatically be converted into tickets, making it possible for helpdesk agents to resolve issues more effectively.

Yes, it can be integrated with our WhatsApp Business Solution to create tickets for agents based on WhatsApp customer conversations, agents can reply to the tickets by clicking on the reply button, send WhatsApp messages at every stage of the ticket.

Here are some key benefits of cloud help desk software:

  • No tickets are missed; alerts can be set to notify about the new tickets, open & pending tickets & escalations. You can also set rules to auto-convert emails, chats, and messages to tickets and route them to appropriate channel agent them through ticket management
  • Address Service Level Agreements more efficiently by assigning rules to different SLAs to deliver efficient customer service
  • Frequently asked customer questions can be used to build a knowledge base section, organized into FAQs
  • Automate routine tasks so that customer care agents can handle more critical tickets
  • Agents resolve tickets faster and more accurately through collaboration with subject matter experts, or quickly accessing knowledge base
  • Categorize tickets by priority or escalate them to higher level so the most urgent issues are resolved