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Lead Management Software

Nowadays lead management software’s are powerful allies for business generation & lead nurturing campaigns as they help expand on opportunities to generate new business as well as cross-sell and up-sell products to existing customers. Social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube), along with WhatsApp and other communication platforms have become crucial to be included in their lead generation programs. Organizations need a comprehensive lead management system, since leads are crucial to generating incremental business. An effective business tool, our Lead Management Solution allows organizations to target lead generation programs, nurture leads, and turn them into profitable customers.

lead management software

Role of Lead Management Solutions in Digital Times

Customer or organizations that show interest in your products or services are leads. The purpose of lead generation is to increase future sales by gaining the interest of potential customers. Using a lead management solution businesses are able to collect vital information regarding potential leads that assists them to track their potential customers journey, based on how they interact with your organization across various touchpoints.

Key Features of Lead Management System

Capture leads via multiple channels including phone, email, chat, social media and your website

Wide range of deployment options includes Public, Private, Hybrid Clouds & on Premise

Automated lead assignment and follow-up at every stage of lead life cycle

Lead distribution based on multiple lead attributes viz: agent, channel, language, location, product etc.

Role & rules based lead assignment

Call back option for leads generated through websites, chats, SMS & email

Option for dedicated Account Management / Relationship Management agent

Unified Agent Dashboard / Unified Agent View

Display historical details of all customer interactions & inputs for consequent follow-ups

Supports bifurcation of leads into cold, working, warm, hot, deferred, closed or dead

Track & manage complete lead lifecycle & maximize conversions with 360° view

Advanced number encryption, information masking & secure data storage options

Detailed & all-inclusive reports

App for Android smart devices

Can be integrated with 3rd party CRM & marketing automation software’s

Key Benefits of Lead Management Software Solution

Option to deploy on cloud or on premise offers flexibility & convenience

Connect & manage leads through a single UI

Remote Workforce / Feet on Street can receive leads on Android smart devices

Access from anywhere, anytime

Users can receive leads via multiple channels viz: Web, Email, SMS & Phone and update the status

Helps augment customer loyalty and cross-selling opportunities

Augment sales force productivity with qualified leads

Reduced cost per generated lead

Augmented lead conversions

Ideal solution for e-Commerce, FMCG, Banks, Insurance, Real Estate, White Good companies & many other businesses

Helps capture lead source to gauge channel effectiveness & calculate ROI

Low Total Cost of Ownership & High Return on Investment

Frequently Asked Questions

Lead Management Software is a multi-channel tool that gives you a single, integrated window to capture, nurture, and help convert leads into business.

Investing in lead management solution can have a significant impact on generating revenue and ensure that the sales team doesn’t waste time and resources finding new customers.

Businesses should consider having all channels viz: voice, email, chat, SMS, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube), WhatsApp working together for an optimised lead generation process

Yes, social media channels can be integrated with our lead management solution to showcase your products & services, run your advertisements for generating leads

Yes, WhatsApp Business can be integrated with our lead management software to share your business profile, present your products & services, connect and engage each prospect quickly. You can also include your WhatsApp Business Bot link in your social media posts and email signatures to generate leads.

Some of the advantages of a good lead management system are:

  • It helps ensure you capture all leads
  • It helps determine which leads are ready for sales
  • You can hold and nurture leads that are not ready for sales
  • It helps ensure sales team gets higher-quality leads
  • Provides data to help you optimize future marketing processes
  • Assists in efficient lead tracking
  • Better filter your leads
  • Improve team coordination
  • Be more productive