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As a SMS service provider our SMS services solution offerings help organizations migrate their on premise messaging solutions to the cloud that can scale as they grow. A web-based automated SMS service, it allows organizations to easily & simultaneously send messages to a large number of customers at the same time with a single click. It enables your sales, customer support and marketing teams to do a bulk SMS blast, broadcast template messages and manage customer queries.

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Our SMS services solution helps businesses deliver one-way marketing, promotional, transactional & service messages, alerts & notifications & more to engage customers across their preferred channels be it mobile SMS or WhatsApp. Our bucket of messaging services also includes WhatsApp messaging services*. WhatsApp Business API integration* enables businesses of all sizes to do WhatsApp bulk messaging to their prospects & customers with inclusions such as, pictures, files, audio / video files, documents, map location, contacts etc.

Our messaging services can be integrated with our voice, chat, lead management & help desk product offerings which makes it a preferred solution.

Also our easy on boarding process, as well as our compliance ready and privacy offerings, make our messaging software a safe & secure messaging solution.

Types of SMS Services

Promotional Message

Commercial communication message for which explicit consent has been taken from the intended recipient to send marketing messages to generate customer interest
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Transactional SMS

A message triggered by a transaction performed by the subscriber, provided such a message is sent within 30 minutes of the transaction being performed
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Service Message

A message sent to a recipient either with his consent or using a registered template to provide
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