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Toll Free Number

A toll-free number is normally an 1800 series number that can be dialed by anyone from any location across the country and the person dialing the number is not charged. We are one of the top toll free number provider in India & can enable your business to take the advantage of this service. You can contact us to buy toll free number or subscribe to our toll free number service for your business.

1800 toll free number

What is a Toll-free Number?

Toll-free numbers are phone numbers with unique ten-digit codes that can be dialed from any telephone number with no charge to the person making the call. Having a toll-free number encourages customers to call a company as they won’t have to pay any charges. The cost for all incoming calls on the toll free number are borne by the business that owns the number. A toll-free number is identified by a dialing prefix similar to an area code, which is 1800 in case of toll free numbers in India.

Key Features of Toll Free Number Service

A toll free number in India starts with 1800 and is free of charge to the caller

It allows businesses to advertise one unified number nationwide

Toll free number service allows customers from all over the country to call the business without paying the call charges

All the charges of incoming and outgoing calls are paid by the number owner instead of the caller

Key Benefits of 1800 Toll Free Number

Easy-to-remember number helps augment brand’s recall value among customers

Establish National Presence – customers from all across the nation can easily get their queries acknowledged and resolved in few minutes

Relocate your business to another location easily without changing your business phone number

Attract more potential leads by marketing your toll-free number on billboards or print ads

Provide enhanced customer support with easy to dial toll-free numbers

High return-on-investment especially for small and medium-sized businesses

Helps eliminate the need for investing in hardware

Integrating your toll-free number with the IVR takes your business efficiency to the next level

Maximize your capability to handle large call volumes without any extra investment

Frequently Asked Questions

The caller is not charged for dialing in a toll free number. It is a telephone number that is paid for by the party receiving the call.

Virtual numbers are based on local numbers, while toll free numbers usually have a country region code. Toll free numbers in India are 1800 numbers. Callers are not charged for calling a toll-free number, but they may incur charges for calling a virtual number.

You can buy a toll free number by contacting our sales team on 011-49605577 or 011-49605588 or email us at After submitting the application, completing the documents verification & KYC process, you can select the toll-free number of your preference from the list of available numbers

The most common use of toll free numbers is to provide customer service through toll free calls. Additionally, toll free numbers are frequently used in marketing campaigns to generate leads and attract prospects to call.

Toll free numbers are ideal for businesses who need to deliver 24×7 customer service, need to improve their marketing campaigns, need effective tracking, recording, and analysis of all calls incoming. Businesses can take an 1800 number from a toll free number provider in India to boost customer retention and revenue

In addition to being a charge-free way for your customers and clients to contact you, toll-free numbers are a good way to track marketing effectiveness. It has been found that a substantial number of prospects contact companies after seeing toll-free numbers listed on their websites. Toll-free numbers can be integrated into an IVR system to deliver an enriched call-in experience