virtual call patching

Virtual Number / Virtual Call Patching

A Virtual Number is a cloud-based number used for patching incoming calls to the destination number with / without number masking.

virtual number

How will a Virtual Number Work?

IVREdge’s virtual number solution will link your business to a cloud-based communication network, through a Virtual phone number, that will enable you to make or receive calls, while masking your phone numbers, addresses and identities. Every call you receive will be logged and recorded, for you to track and mine later. Linked to an IVR menu, each call will be routed to an optimally-suited customer service agent or department.

Key Features of Virtual Phone Number

Intelligent IVR (with multi language option) to direct the caller to the right person/department

Route calls to available agents & reach customers in quick time

Call queuing to put customers in a virtual queue when agents are busy

Real time call recording- whether incoming or outgoing

Number Masking for Patched Calls


IVREdge Web-hook for call information once the call is completed

Key Benefits of Virtual Mobile Number

A cost-effective technology to enhance customer communication

Can be customized to aid customer’s unique requirements

Logs and tracks every call so that customer never loses a lead

Intelligent call routing to appropriately matched agent / department

No dropped calls, No busy signals

Enhanced privacy prevents likelihood of customer or agent information leakage

Maximize & enhance agent output

Helps promote an easy to remember phone number aligned with your business

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual numbers are cloud-based, non-device-connected phone numbers that connect to a pre-existing phone line from which you may receive calls from anywhere. A Virtual number can be mapped to multiple contact numbers behind it. Calls made to the virtual number are routed to one of the mapped numbers

Virtual number is a cloud-based phone number that forwards an incoming call to one of the predetermined phone numbers defined by the owner of the virtual number. A toll-free number is one in which the calling party pays nothing, but the subscriber pays for the calls. A toll-free number usually has eleven digits and starts with the number 1800.

The number of channel lines mapped to the virtual number determine the number of calls that can be received simultaneously

  • Using a virtual number solution, several calls can be handled simultaneously, minimizing the risk of missing important business calls
  • Calls can be routed directly to your customer care agent’s number, allowing them to take calls anywhere and anytime
  • A secure, safe, and affordable solution to communication problems