cloud telephony solutions for smb

Cloud Telephony Solutions for MSME / SMB

Micro, Small & Medium enterprises (MSME’s) have always played a vital & significant role in our country’s economic growth. Our cloud telephony solutions for SMB digitally empower them to connect and maintain end-to-end communications with their customers across multiple channels irrespective of the language and geographical differences to deliver unhindered service for an enriched CX, thereby establish customer loyalty & their brand for sustained business growth.

cloud services for small business

Cloud Solutions for Small Business – A Backbone for Business Growth

Cloud telephony for SMB by IVREdge helps them in increased customer accessibility. Our cloud solutions for small business provide them a backbone to go digital and assist them in handling large call traffic. Be it for order booking or home delivery services, healthcare facilities at doorstep, salon services at home and any other such processes, businesses can make an easy & smooth shift to multiple and effective communication channels required to quickly resolve the queries and retain their customers. Our cloud telephony solutions for SMB come with an option to deploy on public, private or hybrid-cloud or on premise, removing the risk of any bottlenecks that might arise in the future. The solution delivers reliability, robustness, scalability and data security essential for a competitive edge.

Key Offerings of Cloud Services for Small Business

Key Benefits of Cloud Telephony for SMB

No infrastructure investments

Easy to install & activate

Work from anywhere / anytime

Receive & make multiple calls at the same time

Augmented multi-channel customer communications

Integrates with leading CRMs, no need to change platforms

Recordings & analytics

Quick troubleshooting & maintenance services

Available 24 x 7 for customers

Compliant & highly secure

Scale as you grow

Reduced infrastructure & communication costs