automated outbound dialer

Voice Broadcasting Software – AOD or OBD

Businesses can optimize their communication capabilities by utilizing voice broadcasting software, also known as an automated outbound calling (AOC), outbound dialer (OBD), or robo calling solution. It enables to effortlessly and efficiently place automated phone calls, engaging a large number of customers simultaneously with a pre-recorded voice message, thereby simplifying communication without the need for human intervention in the automated calling system.

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automated calling system

What is an automated outbound calling solution?

With the advanced automated outbound dialing (AOD) solution, companies can effortlessly send voice messages to a wide audience using the call dialer. The system simultaneously dials multiple phone numbers to deliver pre-recorded messages efficiently. To encourage engagement, recipients are prompted to press a designated key, enabling personalized interactions and valuable user responses. The software also offers the flexibility to integrate a conversational IVR or voice bot, enhancing communication and providing a dynamic approach to customer engagement.

Key Features of Call Blaster

Customized Outbound IVR

Personalize your outbound IVR to cater to the specific needs of your campaign, ensuring a personalized and successful communication strategy.

Voice File Options

The flexibility of choosing either voice file uploads or creating Text-to-Speech (TTS) files allows you to easily meet diverse content requirements.

Manage Calling Lists

Manage your dialing lists effectively by uploading lists with multiple fields as per campaign, allowing you to segment your audience comprehensively.

Multi-list Attachment

Boost campaign adaptability by attaching and managing multiple calling lists at once, simplifying the process of reaching out to a wider audience.

Live Agent Call Transfer

Our call blaster solution ensures a seamless transition for more complex customer concerns with call transfer to live agents if such a need arises.

DID Calling

Elevate your outbound dialling efficiency by implementing Direct Inward Dialing (DID), enabling seamless identification through unique numbers.

Intelligent Call Patching

Maximize resource utilization and balance workload by enabling call patching to connect callers with agents or departments on a round-robin basis.

Number Masking

Protect sensitive data by implementing number masking on the agent’s side during patched calls, ensuring security and privacy are prioritized.

Disposition Rules

Advanced call disposition rules are in place for both connected and not-connected calls, providing easy call categorization based on call outcomes.

DNC Management

Improve adherence to regulatory requirements by strengthening DNC management features and ensuring compliance and zero calling to do not call lists.

Calendar Management

Optimize your campaigns by using voice blaster with an advanced calendar management system that enables precise scheduling of dial-out timings.

Intuitive Call Recording

Easily record and review calls with an automatic call recording feature, giving you valuable insights for quality assurance and training purposes.

Dynamic IVR

Foster engagement by implementing interactive touch-tone or voice response capabilities and establishing a dynamic and responsive channel.

Unified Work Flow

Connect seamlessly with popular CRMs and third-party applications, ensuring a smooth workflow and seamless flow of information between systems.

Key Benefits of Bulk Voice Calls

Resource Optimization

With the automated calling system, businesses can eliminate manual intervention and optimize their human resources. This allows personnel to focus on tasks that require personal touch and strategic thinking.

Improved Engagement

Employ personalized automated messages to enhance customer satisfaction. Establish brand loyalty by delivering timely, relevant, and consistent interactions that create a favorable and enduring impact.

Proactive Reminders

By sending system generated reminders for bill payments, appointments, events, and more, the system ensures proactive communication. This not only enhances customer engagement but also reduces missed deadlines.

Effortless Integration with CRM

Go for hassle-free installation with our CRM-integrated voice blaster software. It helps organizations’ customer relationship management strategy, enabling data-driven decision-making and increased efficiency.

Scale your Business

Accommodate the growth and diversification of your business effortlessly with the system’s scalability, smoothly adjusting to increased call volumes and changing communication needs without any difficulties.

Cost-Effective with High ROI

Achieve cost savings and a high return on investment with our affordable solution. The voice broadcasting service is a financially wise choice that provides real benefits without putting a strain on your budget.

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Use Cases of Voice Blaster

Marketing Campaigns

Optimize your marketing strategy by leveraging top-tier voice blaster software, ensuring communication with a large audience. Enhance your campaigns by effectively promoting products or services and generating leads.

Feedback and Surveys

Optimize the feedback collection process by utilizing outbound surveys to gather valuable customer opinions and market research data. Simplify the procedure to gain a comprehensive understanding of your target audience.

Political Campaigns

Tap into the power of our bulk voice calls solution for political campaigns to establish direct connections with voters. Streamline the distribution of campaign messages, promote awareness and encourage voter participation.

Debt Collection

Modernize your debt collection with the implementation of automated outbound dialing. Connect with debtors for payment reminders, and due dates thus improving recovery rates and fostering positive relationships.

Payment Reminders

Automatic payment reminders guarantee timely and consistent communication with customers, notifying them of upcoming bills, subscription due dates or overdue balances. This reduces the likelihood of unintentional delays.

Educational Institutions

Enhance the communication channels between parents and teachers in educational institutions through the best voice broadcasting service. This system can be utilized to send reminders for exams and share important announcements.

Appointment Intimation

Send personalised reminders for services e.g. salons and beauty, financial and legal, etc. to confirm appointments and reduce the number of no-shows. This proactive approach leads to better adherence to scheduled events.

Healthcare Sector

In the healthcare industry, voice blasting can be used to send reminders for consultations, medication and follow up instructions. People can also be encouraged to take preventive screening through automated voice calls.

Emergency Notification

Broadcasting critical information e.g. safety instructions, evacuation procedures, weather alerts during emergencies to many people simultaneously. Details can be shared with public as well authorities for timely response.

Frequently Asked Questions

It allows businesses to make simultaneous bulk voice calls to their target audience and prospects without human intervention.

The number of simultaneous calls and the duration of your message will determine the number of concurrent calls the call dialer can make. For a typical 30-second message, on average, you would be making one call per minute and 60 per hour.

The abbreviation AOD or AOC or OBD or Robo Calling are synonyms used for automated calling systems, whereas IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. Voice blaster is generally used to communicate with customers through prerecorded voice calls. The term IVR is used in inbound service where the user calls a number and is able to receive information to his queries. In order to interact with customers and collect their inputs a self-service IVR can also be implemented in an inbound service. To interact with clients, you can combine the IVR service with the outbound service.

In addition to letting customers know about their appointments, pending payments, due dates, collection reminders, insurance renewals, you can use it to remind them of important events, for surveys and polls, update them about flight/train reschedule, disaster management and many more applications.

Key benefits of automated voice messaging are many. Some of them are:

  • You can reach out to a large group of people quickly without human intervention through automated phone calls.
  • Multi-language support aids in enhancing your customer experience.
  • The system is designed intelligently to ensure that the automated calls made through it are TRAI compliant. Numbers scrubbed, registered, and flagged as DNC number in the calling list will not be dialed out to avoid TRAI and other governments violation.
  • Provide your prospects with information about new launches, latest updates, new features, services and to generate and filter out quality leads.
  • Readymade API’s, connectors enable easy integration with leading CRM application for a quick installation and activation.
  • A very cost-efficient way of reaching out to your potential clients in quick time.