missed call solution

Missed Call Services

Run your marketing campaigns to generate more leads and solicit customer feedback using our missed call service.

A leading provider of missed call solutions, we offer services that can be used for business applications like opt-in or opt-out promotional and marketing campaigns to generate more leads, for COD order confirmation, to gather customer feedback, and many more.

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missed call service

What is a Missed Call Solution?

This solution aids businesses to call back or send an SMS to the customers who called on their business numbers. The missed call may be responded to by a combination of both. The solution allows agents to instantly get the details of the customers who called. The auto dialer can be used to place a call to the customer and connect to the agent.

With missed call numbers, businesses can communicate with their customers better and more efficiently in a budget-friendly manner. Also, businesses can adopt this service to deliver enhanced customer experience at an affordable price.

Key Features of Missed Call Services

Intelligent IVR

By incorporating an intelligent interactive voice response system, the missed call solution takes customer service to the next level. In addition to acknowledging customer calls, it provides an automated call-back option, guaranteeing that customers will receive prompt attention and assistance.

Alerts for Dropped Calls

Whenever a call is dropped due to channel unavailability or any other reason, the system promptly sends real-time alerts to customers. This transparent communication not only assists in managing customer expectations but also fosters trust by providing them with regular updates on the status of their calls.

Live Alert Notifications via API

Unlock immediate customer engagement with our live alert notification system for missed calls. Enhance responsiveness, build stronger connections, and stay seamlessly connected with your audience. Elevate customer satisfaction and streamline communication with real-time alert for every interaction.

SMS Notification

Customizable message templates are utilized in the missed call solution to send SMS notifications to callers, in addition to API notifications. This ensures that you acknowledge every call received. Businesses can stay connected with clients and keep them engaged through their responsiveness.

Automatic Call Disconnection

The call is automatically disconnected after a specific number of rings, but agents can immediately call back to address any customer concerns. It prevents callers from waiting endlessly. This functionality greatly improves customer satisfaction and also allows resources to be used more effectively.

Voice File Options

By offering the option to choose between Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology or uploading pre-recorded voice files, the solution grants flexibility. This ensures that callers can have an interaction tailored to their preferences, resulting in a personalized and captivating experience.

Dashboards for Analytics

Access to dashboards allows users to effectively analyse communication patterns. These dashboards provide comprehensive data on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, offering valuable insights into the frequency, volumes, and patterns of missed calls. This helps businesses to make informed decisions.

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Benefits of Missed Call Alert Message Service

Real-time Alerts for Missed Calls

By implementing real-time alerts, businesses can guarantee that no missed call goes unnoticed. This efficient notification system enables prompt responses to customers, thereby enhancing their perception of the company’s responsiveness and dependability.

Increase in Lead Generation

Opting for a missed call alert service can bring about a substantial increase in lead generation. The simplicity of engagement encourages potential customers to reach out, contributing to a wider and more valuable range of leads for your business.

Enhanced Marketing Campaigns

Elevate your marketing with toll-free missed call numbers. By providing customers with a free and easy way to connect, businesses can expand their accessibility encouraging more people to take part in their promotional campaigns and boost their sales.

Increased Market Reach

Businesses can increase their market reach by implementing missed call SMS campaigns. This approach combines missed call services with SMS notifications, allowing for effective communication of important messages and promotions to a broader audience.

Gathering Customer Feedback

Businesses can gain valuable insights into customer interests and preferences by using missed call alert message service to gather feedback on any new launches. This allows them to customize their products and services to better meet customer needs.

Easy Integration with CRM

Integrating missed call solution with customer relationship management systems enable businesses to get a complete understanding of customer interactions and preferences. Capture all calls directly into your CRM ensuring no opportunities are missed.

Monitoring Performance

Organisation can monitor contact centre performance, analyse caller trends and other metrics via analytics. This data-driven approach helps optimize operations, redefine business communication strategies, and ensure efficient resource allocation.

Real-time Updates

The missed call alert service enables businesses to access real time information regarding the number of missed, reconnected, and dropped calls. It empowers organizations to make decisions and consistently enhance their customer engagement.

Use Cases of Missed Call Solution

Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition

To generate more leads, businesses can utilize the missed call alert solution. By promoting a specific missed call number in their marketing campaigns, interested prospects can easily provide a missed call. This enables the business to collect their contact details.

Customer Verification and Authentication

To verify and authenticate customers, the missed call solution is a reliable choice and enhances security. By making a missed call to a designated number, users can confirm their identity and conveniently access their accounts, applications, or services in a secure manner.

Opt-in Subscriptions and Notifications

To facilitate opt-in subscriptions, organizations can employ missed call system. Customers can easily subscribe to receive updates, promotions, or important notifications by giving a missed call to a specific number. This allows them to stay informed without any charges.

Collect Feedback and Conduct Survey

Simplify customer feedback collection using missed call services. After a transaction or interaction, businesses can ask customers to give a missed call to provide feedback on their experience. Conduct polls to get customer opinions, making it quick and efficient.

Simplified Contests and Voting Campaigns

Create an interactive experience for contests and voting campaigns with missed call alert message system. Participants can enter contests or cast their votes by simply giving a missed call to designated numbers. It’s a user-friendly and engaging way to participate.

Schedule Call-backs for Customer Support

Improve customer support services by allowing customers to request a call-back through a missed call instead of waiting in queue of a long time. This way, customers can get timely assistance and get a callback at their preferred time, which enhances their satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a simple way for a customer to contact you without paying for it.

Following are the features of missed call alert service:

  • Customer calls your published virtual number.
  • On connection with your virtual number the call gets disconnected.
  • Caller Line identification (CLI) is captured in the database.
  • The agent calls back the customer.

Yes, an automated call back can be made for every number captured in the missed call campaign.

Yes, missed call alert message can be sent to customers to acknowledge his call.

Yes, it can be integrated with a 3rd party application using our integration API.

Yes, you can allocate different DID for different campaigns.

Missed call solutions can be used in the following ways by organizations:

  • Run their marketing campaigns.
  • Trigger a missed call alert to notify the customer.
  • Encourage customers to request a call back.
  • Acquire customer feedback.

Some of the benefits of missed call alert are mentioned below:

  • Customers can contact without paying.
  • Launchpad for marketing and promotional campaigns for maximum optimization.
  • Enhance lead acquisition with quality leads.
  • Expand the brand awareness amongst your customers.
  • Platform to gather customer feedback and gain important insights.
  • Reduce manpower and operating costs.
  • Enhance operational efficiency and augment customer engagement.