click to call solution

Click to Call Solution

A click to call solution is a user-friendly call button or widget visible on your website, mobile app, or CIM, CRM application. This intuitive feature utilizes our API to initiate a call to a designated customer or business number, facilitating seamless connections. Simplify communication and enhance user engagement with this efficient dialling solution.

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click to call service

What is Click-to-Call Service?

Click to call service, or click to dial, streamlines customer engagement, and provides companies with a seamless way of connecting with customers. This innovative digital communication tool simplifies communication by eliminating the need to manually dial and improving agent efficiency. Agents can easily initiate calls directly from the customer relationship management system and ensure quick and effective communication. This technology not only improves response times but also promotes a more personalized and efficient customer interaction experience.

Key Features of Click2Call Software

Multi-Platform Embedding

Enhance user experience and accessibility by seamlessly integrating click to call button, widget into your CRM, applications, website, or mobile app.

Multi Device Capabilities

Enable users to effortlessly use the call-back button on multiple devices without the necessity for additional plugins, for enhancing user convenience.

Seamless Integration

Can be integrated with popular CRMs viz: Zoho, Salesforce, Freshdesk, Microsoft Dynamics, LeadSquared and other 3rd party applications for enhanced functionality.

Record Conversations

Automatically capture every customer interaction through call recording, ensuring comprehensive record-keeping and reviewing them later for quality assurance.

Flexible Caller ID

Choose between fixed or dynamic Dialled Number Identification (DNI) to enhance flexibility, support, and meet your specific needs with ease and versatility.

Single Login

Simplify your workflow by removing the need for multiple logins. Conduct calls seamlessly within your CRM, without any reliance on additional interfaces.

Call Control

Enable users to manage calls efficiently and effectively. Let agents have complete control over the call, put the call on hold, mute the call or hang-up.

Call Back

Allow people to request a call back from your company. Collect customer’s contact information when he requests to schedule call back on your website or app.

Call Progress

Identify different states of a call, e.g. whether the line is busy or the call has been answered. Take appropriate actions and manage call queues efficiently.

Use Cases of Click to Dial Solution

Customer Support

Click to dial solution connects agents to customers by clicking button on CRM. This helps provide real-time assistance and quickly solve problems, thus leading to improved customer satisfaction.


Improve conversion rates by facilitating real-time communication with qualified sales representatives and expedite decision-making through direct and effective interaction and personalized assistance.

Lead Generation

Capture leads by providing click2call on marketing campaigns or landing pages, facilitating direct communication with sales people. Schedule call back for leads received during non-working hours


Facilitate interactions between prospective students and admissions representatives to address inquiries, engage in program discussions, and provide guidance throughout the application process.

Financial Services

Enable clients to establish connections with customer service representatives of banks to obtain assistance with account-related inquiries, reporting fraud or loss of credit, debit cards or any other services.


Provide customers with a simple way of contacting to get policy details or claims process and enable agents to reach out to customers for premium reminders using the click to call solution.

Businesses can enhance their communication, improve customer interactions, and boost operational efficiency by using IVREdge, a click-to-call service provider, in various scenarios.

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Key Benefits of Click 2 Call Solution

Instant Accessibility

Enhance reach with prompt and effortless connections, promoting immediate and effective communication for enhanced satisfaction.

Error Elimination

Improve the user experience with error-free connections, replace problems of manual dialling with a single click to make simple and accurate calls.

Time Savings

Save agent’s time with click to call button, optimize productivity and get measurable benefits to improve the effectiveness of operations.

Operational Productivity

Click 2 call boosts agent operational productivity leads to greater efficiency, processes simplification and overall performance improvement.

Customer Segmentation

Empowers agents to sector customers based on requirements or priority, ensuring the right balance between customer and business needs.

Efficient Issue Resolution

Speed up the resolution of issues, empower agents to deal with and resolve queries quickly, improve overall customer service efficiency.

24X7 Connectivity

Never miss a call! With zero missed calls and scheduled callbacks ensure seamless communication round the clock and exceptional service.

Funnel Optimization

Use our ultimate funnel optimization tool to unlock peak performance and maximize conversion rates and improve your overall marketing strategy.

Lead Conversion Rates

With our innovative solutions, you can increase lead conversion rates and maximize your sales potential, helping boost your business growth.


Experience unparalleled returns with solutions that provide cost-effective strategies to generate high returns for your business success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click 2 Call, sometimes called click-to-dial is an API-powered solution that allows customers to contact you by clicking on a button your website or app.

IVREdge can deliver click2call service in the following ways:

  • With WebRTC technology, a customer can click on the clicktocall button or widget
    1. Website
    2. Mobile app
    3. CRM
    4. In house application
    5. 3rd party application
  • Using the standard telephony as a technology a customer clicks on click to call button on your mobile app or website, a normal call from their phone is triggered to connect them to your customer care agent.

Yes, the customer can request a call back by entering his contact number and his preferred time for a scheduled call back.

Yes, IVR functionality can be integrated with clicktocall service.

Click to dial enables agents to call customers by simply clicking a button on the CRM. This helps to save time and also prevents errors of manual dialling.

  • Calling widget can be quickly installed on your website, mobile app and CRM with API integration.
  • Direct calls from the defined web pages to the customer care executives mapped to the particular service.
  • Real time Call Tracking and Monitoring.
  • Augment customer engagement and conversions with high Return on Investment (ROI).