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Service Message

Businesses can send Service Implicit SMS to deliver OTPs, informational messages, booking and order alerts to their registered customers irrespective of their consent preference. It cannot be used for marketing purposes. However, businesses can send Service Explicit SMS to customers who have provided explicit consent to receive your SMS regarding offers, discounts, or updates. Our cloud based SMS service, enables organization to send Service SMS to deliver an enriched customer experience & propel their campaigns to do repeat business with them.

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What is a “Service Implicit SMS”?

Service implicit messages are those service messages that can be sent to customers because they have initiated a transaction with your company. These have to be purely business or transaction-related and should not have any promotional content or implications. The message content must contain the sender’s brand name as a registered principal entity within the message body.

Key Features of Service Message Solution

Can integrate with any SMS Gateway of your choice

Short Code or Short Name creation

Calling list upload with multiple fields

Option to insert number dynamically in calling list

Provision to attach multiple calling list in a process

Message template creation with customized fields

Message template in any language & message whitelisting

Advanced Calendar Management for scheduling SMS

Quick & easy integration with any Website / Portal

Can be integrated with our voice, chat, lead management & help desk products

Can be integrated with leading CRM and 3rd party applications

Reports to track & monitor SMS delivery

Key Benefits of Sending Service Message

A low cost channel to contact a large customer base in a short time

Easy to use dashboard

Low Total Cost of Ownership with quick Return on Investment

Frequently Asked Questions

Service SMS” is a message sent to a recipient either with his consent or using a registered template to provide:

  • Warranty information, product recall information, safety or security information w.r.t a product or service used or purchased by the recipient;
  • Notification concerning a change in the terms or features
  • Notification of a change recipient’s status w.r.t warranty /AMC
  • Account balance information or other type of account statement w.r.t. a subscription, membership, account, loan etc.
  • Information relating to delivery of goods or services, including product updates or upgrades

Business can send Service Explicit SMS to deliver discounts, offers, or service updates to existing customers. They can be sent only to customers who have provided explicit consent to receive them. Service Explicit SMS can only be sent between 9am and 9pm.

Mentioned below are the type of messages allowed in each category below:

  • Service Implicit SMS – Providing OTPs, informational messages, booking alerts, and order notifications to your registered customers can be done with Service Implicit SMS. These messages are not intended to be marketing messages
  • Service Explicit SMS – Can be sent to existing customers to inform them about special offers, discounts, or updates, but only to customers who have explicitly consented to receiving such SMS
  • Distributed ledger technology (DLT) platforms allow you to send Service Implicit / Explicit SMS with an approved alpha header of six characters. DLT platforms are operator-run portals such as Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance Jio, etc. where businesses need to register by giving their business details. It is a digital system for recording the transactions made by the network participants. It is mandatory as per the new TRAI regulations
  • Promotional messages can be sent to existing customers after receiving their consent. If at any point of time, the customer withdraws and opts-out of receiving these texts, then the SMS will be considered Promotional
  • Promotional SMS used for marketing and sales can be sent only to opt-in and non-DND numbers
  • Transactional SMS can be used for sending alerts, order notifications, booking details, and informational messages to customers

Business that need to reach a large audience and generate significant results at a low cost can use this service, e.g.

  • Automobile: Payment due reminders, service & insurance reminders etc.
  • BFSI: Account statements, loan status, instalment payment reminders, credit card dues reminders, insurance premium due reminders & OTP’s for performing secure transactions.
  • E-commerce: Send cart abandonment, order confirmations, order statuses, post-purchase reviews, new product launches, back-in-stock alerts, and offer notifications.
  • Education: Notifications regarding exams, fees, parent-teacher meetings, attendance reports, and special event invitations.
  • Healthcare: A confirmation of appointment dates, medication reminders, diet tips, healthy living tips, and timely reminders about regular check-ups
  • Travel: Updates on confirmation of tickets, flight / train / bus arrival and departure timings, location-based weather updates, & travel itinerary.
  • A Service Implicit SMS can be sent anytime of the day (24 x 7) without any time limitations.
  • Can be sent to any mobile number regardless of their consent preference i.e. even to DND numbers
  • Personalize your SMS with an option to address the customer by name
  • Brand your company’s name when you send SMS to customers.