transactional sms service

Transactional SMS

A transactional SMS is a non-marketing automated message that is prompted by the action of the customer to convey details of a transaction between the business and the customer.

transactional message

Uses of Transactional Message

Businesses can use our transactional message service to relay transactional information to their customers & share important non-promotional information. The use of transactional messaging by banks for account activation & account balance notifications, is an excellent example of a transactional message. Other uses of transactional SMS service are sending welcome text messages, order booking confirmations, shipment and delivery updates, apprise customers about upcoming events, OTP SMS Service, payment SMS etc.

Key Features of Transactional SMS Service

Can integrate with any SMS Gateway of your choice

Short Code or Short Name creation

Calling list upload with multiple fields

Option to insert number dynamically in calling list

Provision to attach multiple calling list in a process

Dashboards / Online panel to send bulk SMS

Message template creation with customized fields

Message template in any language

Message template whitelisting

Advanced Calendar Management for scheduling SMS

Quick & easy integration with any Website / Portal

Can be integrated with our voice, chat, lead management & help desk products

Can be integrated with leading CRM and 3rd party applications

Reports to track & monitor SMS delivery

Key Benefits of Using Transactional Text

No need to install any software. Work on any browser

Easy to use dashboard

A low cost channel to contact a bigger customer base in a short time.

APIs to integrate with 3rd party apps & website

Low Total Cost of Ownership with quick Return on Investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transactional SMS software is a messaging software businesses use to deliver important information & updates about their products & services to targeted customers

A transactional SMS gateway is the process in which the customer is updated along with the delivery report that has the details like delivery status and time of the delivery. Furthermore, gateway service shows you the mobile network the recipient’s number is on. The message gets delivered directly to the appropriate mobile network operator. The mobile company’s system receives the delivery report and then sends all this information to the original Transactional SMS service provider / Transactional SMS software.

Marketing strategies sometimes include using promotional SMS to inform clients about deals or discounts, encourage them to act, and increase sales.

Transactional SMS informs clients of order progress, corporate updates, or other non-promotional business information.

Some of the uses of transactional SMS service are:

  • An effective way to confirm / cancel hotel, airline, or other bookings.
  • Update customers on their order, shipping, delivery, and payment status.
  • Informing customers about important events, like an appointment or a financial transaction
  • Send OTP to consumers to verify sign-ins, payments, and more.
  • Low cost of delivering critical and sensitive transactional information
  • Customers receive time-sensitive information instantly
  • 24×7 SMS Service keeps customers informed at all times
  • Can connect with DND administrated customers and send important details
  • Boost customer engagement