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Conversational AI Solutions

Conversational AI solutions are an array of technologies developed to enable real-time human like conversation between human beings & computers. Using artificial intelligence products, a computer is powered to recognize user’s speech or text patterns, interpret and translate several languages, decode their intent and respond with an automated script based on the knowledge developed & stored in it.

conversational AI solutions

What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI category refers to an artificial intelligence (AI) system that enables users to converse with computers back and forth (e.g. through Voicebots or Chatbots). The human being is unable to tell that on the other side it isn’t a human they were conversing with a conversational AI platform.

Conversational AI solutions also known as Contact Center AI products help businesses communicate with their customers across business functions like advertising, marketing, service, support and many more for delivering an enriched CX, enhancing organizational productivity & accelerating business growth. Businesses can use our conversational AI offerings viz: Voicebots, Chatbots, Speech Analytics & Text to Speech to automate many customer-facing touchpoints be it Voice, Chat, Messaging, Social Media viz: Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp etc.

Uses of Artificial Intelligence Products

Businesses are investing in conversational AI solutions for a variety of reasons:

Resolve low-value calls

Relieve overburdened customer service teams

Enable live agents to focus on complex queries

Reduce errors associated with manual data entry

Increase first contact resolution

Raise customer satisfaction scores

Lower costs of customer interactions

Deliver at scale a seamless & personalized CX

Consistent customer engagement across multiple channels

Key Components of AI Products

Core components of Artificial Intelligence products are:

Natural language processing (NLP) enables computers to understand the meaning of words & structure of sentences to respond in a natural human like way.

Machine learning enables computers to understand language, recognize patterns in data & create models of how human brain works.

Text analysis involves identifying the subject of a sentence, the object, words used in a sentence, such as nouns, verbs & adjectives, understand the meaning of a sentence, the relationships between the words, identify the topic of a text & and the sentiment of the text.

Speech recognition gives computers the ability to understand human speech, grammar & syntax of the sentence, meaning of the words, interpret the emotions & context of the conversation and convert spoken words into text.

Key Benefits of Conversational AI Solutions

Reduce human workloads & enhance productivity

Address customer issues efficiently without human intervention

Intelligent automation across multiple communication channels

Businesses are able to provide relevant information and updates on time to customers

Better lead conversion & sales

Save operating costs with high return on investment (ROI)

Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial intelligence refers to computer systems or robot systems or machines that are programmed to think like humans to perform tasks. Nowadays artificial intelligence is the basis for all computer learning and all complex decision making.

Conversational AI, uses a variety of technologies, including natural language processing (NLP), a branch of artificial intelligence that enables computers to understand human language. The ability to analyze words and phrases allows machines to respond to human language by making their own sentences in response to human language. Text or speech inputs are understood by NLP models, which are then used to determine the intent of the conversation and the entities involved. In addition, machine learning is used to determine the appropriate response to be given to users based on their specific domain contexts.

  • Commonly asked questions & issues can be resolved without human intervention
  • Customer queries can be resolved 24 x 7 even when customer care agents are not available
  • Can handle multiple customer conversations simultaneously be it through Voicebots or Chatbots
  • Reduced wait times for customers to get assistance
  • Enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improves customer & agent experience
  • Automate operations & reduce operating costs